Eurovision Semi- Final

The best was definitely saved until last at the first round of Eurovision Semi-Finals last night as our boys John and Edward not only performed last, but they also found their names to be called out last during the extremely tense and nail biting results announcement.

Out of the eighteen acts that performed, Jedward scored douez points in my books when it came to delivering energy, originality and the fun factor. From their Jepic gold robotic inspired outfits to their surprise stunt in the water feature at the end of the performance, Jedward had Eurovision fans eating out of their love heart shaped hands.

For the second year in a row the Grimes brothers will have their lipstick and green capes at the ready as they fly the flag for Ireland and compete against 26 EU countries in the hopes of bringing Eurovision glory back to their homeland. It may be over sixteen years since the Emerald Isle has last won the coveted title with Eimear Quinn’s The Voice, but it looks like 2012 may just be the year that we take back the coveted Eurovision crown.

Either way, win or lose, the boys are a credit to their nation – and it looks like they may have found a whole new fanbase around the globe. Following the triumphant announcement the boys caused a twitter frenzy trending worldwide.

Some of the comments that appeared on twitter following the triumphant announcement were #CongratulationsJedward you deserved to get through after all of your hard work @planetjedward; SO PROUD of Ireland and @planetjedward!!! #CongratulationsJedward; being crying for over an hour and a half so proud @planetjedward #CONGRATULATIONSJEDWARD whoooooooo; JEDWARD’s perfomance was more than amazing, and I really can’t find the words to describe it! Love from Italy #CONGRATULATIONSJEDWARD

Check out the nine acts that also made it through to the Eurovision:

(2) Romania: Despite the technical issues the band faced during the qualification show (Elena’s ear piece stopped working), Mandinga sailed through to Saturday night’s show with their catchy and uplifting tune Zaleilah. Elena sang in both Spanish and English which seemed to go down a treat with the judging panel and voting public. I predict that this dance/chart sounding track will rank highly on Eurovision night. There is just something so infectious about the bagpipe and accordion playing simultaneously.

(3) Moldova: Pasha Parfeny, who looks like a young Colin Farrell, song Lautar grew on me the more times I listened to it. The performance was colourful, cheery and fun. The quirky choreography from the five girls in pretty dresses was a bit random, but slotted in perfectly with the cheesy factor that is expected of Eurovision. Watch this space!

(4) Iceland: Never Forget was eerie and a haunting. It reminded me of something that would be found on the sound track to Twilight or some sort of vampire related movie. I predict that this song will make it to the top ten on Saturday. What do you think?

(5) Hungary brought the rock element to the semi-finals with their Linkin Park meets Stained sound. Sound of our Hearts is an extremely well written song, but the overall performance was not very memorable.

(6) Denmark: There was a bit of a Nelly Furtado back in her early days sound to the Danish entry. After Jedward of course, this was my favourite performance of the night. Should’ve Known Better sung by Soluna Samay was quirky, cool and an infectious track. I just can’t get the lyrics out of my head. Denmark may just be the ones to watch out for on Saturday night.

(7) Albania’s performance was mind-blowing. Rona Nishliu has some set of lungs. It was unbelievable how she could hold those notes for so long. The crowd’s reaction when she reached the high notes really said it all. I wasn’t so sure about Rona’s Dracula inspired looking outfit, but this girl has serious talent. If she doesn’t make it into the top three, I will be shocked.

(8) Cyprus: Was it just me or did La la Love sound quite like Jlo’s On the Floor? It is a likeable song that is guaranteed to leave a smile on your face. At parts the performance sounded a bit off key. I am intrigued to see where this catchy tune ranks at the weekend.

(9) Greece delivered one of the more seductive performances of the night with their poptastic track Aphrodisiac. From the hair flips to the barely there outfit and sexy dance in the middle of the song, Eleftheria Eleftheriou certainly turned heads.

(10) Russia: How cute was Russia’s entry, Party for Everybody? With a combined age of over 500, the Buranovo Grannies could show Engelbert Humperdinck a thing or two. I thoroughly enjoyed how they blend modern pops sounds with their own traditional choral singing style.

Jedward will be the 23rd act to perform on Saturday night.
May the force of the Irish be with the Jedi! Good luck Jedward!


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