Franc’s DIY Brides

It was all about paper flowers, a handmade pagoda, LED balloons, finding the perfect veil and of course a bit of bling on this week’s episode of Franc’s DIY Brides.

Melissa Flynn and Michael Morrissey from Tramore met almost twenty years ago and knew it was love at first sight. The lovebirds already had two children each from previous marriages, and they have since had three beautiful children together. The importance of family and togetherness was really brought to the fore in this touching episode. I couldn’t help but feel for the couple who had put their dreams of getting married on the backburner for over a decade. However, they proved that putting their vows on hold was worth the wait!

I couldn’t have agreed with Franc more when he insisted that the aisle was made longer to celebrate the longevity of the couple’s relationship. I loved the gazebo feel to the Majestic Hotel in Waterford. It felt appropriate for the intimate, low-key wedding that the pair were on the hunt for, yet it had a lovely, inviting and welcoming feel to it.

Armed with his cost-effective moodboard, I was slightly sceptical about Franc’s solution to making the most out of the €6,000 budget. However, his paper suggestion (as it was the cheapest raw material available) worked a treat, and made for an extremely impressive impact. It was heart-warming watching the family getting stuck in and making the tricky paper roses and crystal encrusted napkins. I can definitely see why they have been nicknamed ‘The Brady Bunch’ by their friends.

I was extremely impressed with how hands on and determined Michael was in building the pagoda and decorating the venue. He did a terrific job and really put his heart and soul into making his bride’s big day one that she would remember for the rest of her life.

I also loved how Franc allowed the viewers to get a glimpse into the couple’s background story by making them take a trip down memory lane and rooting for old presents and love letters. It may have been a simplistic idea, but it gave Michael and Melissa a nice little reminder as to why they are the perfect pairing.

Melissa looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress. It was sophisticated and tasteful, with a subtle amount of bling. Everything about her overall look was spot on, and she looked every part a princess. I was delighted when she chose to go with the veil which was complimented by a dainty diamante hairpiece towards the front of her hair.

As always, a family tree made its way into the wedding with the option for guests to leave personal message on paper leafs from the branches. The highlight of the tree had to be the horn (the first present that Melissa got Michael) which dangled from the centre of the design. It was refreshing to see that the couple could have a little giggle at their own expense.

I thought Melissa’s gift to her husband-to-be was so sweet and meaningful, and I’m not surprised he choked up a little and got teary eyed. Her handwritten note and loving words brought the true essence of their loving relationship to light. These newlyweds aren’t just partners, they are also best friends.

Michael and Melissa’s meeting in the forest before the ceremony truly was incredibly romantic. From the personalised family figurines on the cake, to LED balloons that were let off into the night sky by their loved ones, there was absolutely nothing I could fault about this magical wedding. By far the best episode in the series to date.

I really do hope we get to revisit this beautiful couple at a later date.

Laura Delaney


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