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Franc It was all about snow spray, frosted branches, hand carved tree sculptures, engraved Christmas baubles, candles dipped in Swarovski crystals and flowers disguised in wine glasses in last night’s winter wonderland themed episode of Franc’s DIY Brides.

Following twelve joyous years together Dublin couple Gemma Byrnes and Gary Mackle finally decided to tie the knot. I couldn’t have agreed with Franc more when he said that the beautiful bride would look gorgeous in a black bag. Gemma looked absolutely stunning in all of the dresses she tried on (even the ruffle over-the-top ones that swamp most brides).

The one-shoulder sample gown in Cork at €900 may have sounded like a bargain, but I finally understood what Franc meant by the ‘light bulb’ dress when the bride tried on the €1500 dress in a Dublin store. Gemma’s tiny little waist was accentuated by the pretty bow detail on the waist line, and the elegant veil complimented the simplistic dress along with her loose tumbling curls.

Gemma and Franc managed to find the perfect ‘lightbulb’ dress

I was amazed with how the newlyweds transformed Whites of Wexford into their own magical snow globe. The handcrafted tree centre piece looked incredible (good job Gary), and I loved the personalised baubles that hung from its frosted branches. The homemade crystal encrusted candles (80 altogether) dipped in glue were truly beautiful. I was also very impressed by Franc’s rose petals under a wine glass creation. It was simplistic, yet visually stunning.

The budget was set at €10,000, but the special little touches on the big day were priceless. At first, I was sceptical about Franc’s decision to take away the top table, but I quickly changed my mind when I saw how happy the lovebirds were at the centre table. It was more in keeping with their fun filled and intimate wedding.

I loved how family orientated the couple were. From the decision to remould Gary’s dads ring to include Gemma’s fingerprint to the involvement of their beautiful little girl Ella, there was a lovely feeling of homeliness and warmth to their ceremony. It was also touching to hear the bride’s young nieces Hollie (very apt) and Chloe talk so fondly about their aunt.

I was impressed when the wedding party rose early (were talking six bells here) to decorate the venue. Although it meant that the superstitious bride had to break tradition and see the groom on the morning of her wedding – it was completely worth it. As a reward for all of their hard work and dedication, Franc the wedding extraordinaire brought some more props (ah bless).

When the clock ticked to 08.55 and the groom was still chopping the stump off a Christmas tree, I had my doubts about whether the wedding would start on time. However, the ceremony started without a hitch (phew). Despite not sporting red or green for the event, the bridesmaids still looked gorgeous in their light purple gowns.

A beautiful sight, they’re happy tonight, Gemma and Gary really were walking in a winter wonderland.

Laura Delaney


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