England looks to end Ukraine’s Euro 2012 party

By Angeline Herron, AP

It was an emotional night in Bachelorette-ville, as Emily Maynard shook up the competition with a few bold moves. The gang spent the week in picturesque Croatia, where Emily set out to firm up some of her vague relationships.

First up: A solo date with Travis, who exclaimed, “It was imperative that I get this date.” (Be careful what you wish for, Trav.) Despite a romantic stroll through the cobblestone streets and a candlelit dinner primed for romance, Emily quickly disposed of Travis, telling him that he was just never able to “bust out of the friend zone” (his words) as he had hoped.

“I feel like we have that friendship foundation, but at the same time, I don’t know if we have that … romance,” Emily lamented.

Like every other dude on this season of Bachelorette, Travis burst into tears during his exit interview. “Rejection does suck … suck with a capital S-U-C-K,” he whined. “There’s gotta be someone to settle down with … It’s a different kind of hurt.”

Back at the hotel, the boys received a date card addressed to John, Doug, Sean, Jef, Chris and Arie, meaning that cocky southern charmer Ryan would be the lucky guy to get a solo date. The other guys are not happy about it since they think he’s just looking to get famous.

“I think Ryan’s confidence is starting to rub some of the guys the wrong way,” Doug says.

On the group date, the guys and Emily are in product placement heaven as they attend a screening of the upcoming animated flick Brave in an empty theater. The deliberately extended preview of the movie is painful to watch and it’s even more awkward to hear the guys gush about how “cool” the flick is.

Fortunately, the group moves on to an outdoor activity, as the guys participate in a mock Highland Games challenge wearing tight muscle Ts and kilts. “I can guarantee you that I’ll be the bravest man at the Highland Games,” Chris brags.

He promptly falls short of that promise, missing the mark entirely during the archery round, being disqualified from log-tossing and suffering a humiliating defeat in a tug-of-war contest with buff Doug. “I pretty much sucked at Highland Games,” Chris sadly admitted. “I gave it my all and I ended up in last. … It’s frustrating.”

Ironically, however, Chris’ willingness to embarrass himself and take it all in stride paid off, as Emily gave him a chalice for being the bravest of them all and later handed him the rose during their group cocktail hour.

At the hotel that night, a solo Ryan picked out his outfit for his date and groomed his hilarious beard. “I think it says a lot that I was chosen for this date,” he bragged to the camera. “I keep things fresh and new.”

The next day, the other guys seem annoyed with Ryan as he prepares for his date. “It takes the guy three hours to get ready,” Chris gripes. “He shaves his legs and plucks his finger hair and stuff. It’s weird.”

Normally sweet Jef gets in on the Ryan-bashing, too. “Everybody in the house is up in arms against Ryan,” he declares.

When Emily comes to pick Ryan up, he uses some of his best lines on her in front of the other guys who cringe and then laugh behind his back as soon as the door closes. Ryan and Emily spend the day driving around, walking the village streets and oyster fishing, but she seems tense and uncomfortable whenever he calls her a great potential “trophy wife.”

By the time they get to dinner, the writing seems to be on the wall for Ryan, who obliviously keeps up his smooth-guy act and reads a list a twelve qualities he’s looking for in a wife: loyal, logical, encouraging, faithful, nurturing, confident, magnetic, loves to laugh, family-focused, unselfish, beautiful and sexy.

Emily, however, is unimpressed with the laundry list and let’s him know he will not be getting a rose, which means he has to hit the road. “On the top of my list would be a loving family,” she said. “It wasn’t on yours.”

Never one to admit to defeat, Ryan says her rejection of him is “shocking” and spends another 10 minutes trying to convince Emily that she’s “making the wrong choice.” Even though she concedes that she’s not 100% sure about her decision to give him the boot, she stands firm and he and his blue suede shoes are sent packing.

At the hotel, the guys are eagerly awaiting the removal of Ryan’s luggage from the foyer, a sign that he’s been dumped. “I’m hoping at this point that I never have to see Ryan again,” Arie says frankly.

“We’ve built great friendships and I’ll see those guys again soon,” Ryan says in voiceover as producers show clips of the remaining guys high-fiving and hugging over his departure.

Two down, one more to go.

Arie sneaks to Emily’s hotel room to console her after the Ryan split, saying he knows it must have been hard to send him home, even if he was an arrogant charmer. They make out in her bed, she gives him Ryan’s discarded rose and when he leaves, Arie tells the cameras, “When I look at Emily, I really picture her as my wife. … I’m definitely in love.”

During the rose ceremony cocktail hour, Emily admits that she feels that John and Doug are on the bubble and that she’d like to use the evening to get them to open up. John gets teary over his grandparents’ funeral cards, which he carries in his wallet and Doug gets a confidence boost when Emily tells him it’s okay to make a move every now and then. “I want to be pursued,” she purrs as she puts his arm around her waist. He looks like he might pass out, but stays in the moment.

When it’s time to hand out the roses, she quickly distributes buds to Sean, Jef and Arie but hesitates when it’s time to give the final rose to either John or Doug. Looking stricken, she wordlessly exits and goes to find Chris Harrison, who tells her that there are no rules and she can do whatever feels right. He asks, “Doug … and John?” She confirms and looks solemn as she goes back in to break the news.

“I realized that I couldn’t hand out the final rose,” she says nervously as the cameras cut to a miserable Doug and John. Just then, Harrison steps in with two roses on the tray saying, “Emily – the extra roses you asked for.”

Surprise! They both get to stay and break out into grins as Emily pins them. “I’m really, really happy. I get to hang out another week,” Doug says gleefully. Emily rounds up her six boyfriends and lets them know that next week, they’ll head to Prague, which, in her words, is the perfect place to fall in love.

Next week: It appears that all of the guys get solo dates with Em, and that Jef’s involves making out on the floor of a library. But there are tears – of course (sigh) – as Chris requires a serious talk with Emily. There’s also drama, natch, when Emily learns that Arie allegedly dated an ABC producer.



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