BP pulls Gulf staff out

Mexico Tropical Weather

Storm surge: BP has followed the lead of other companies in the Gulf of Mexico by evacuating nonessential staff as a potentially damaging storm approaches. Picture: AP


BP IS starting to evacuate nonessential staff from its oil and gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico as a storm nears.

BP, by far the largest oil and gas producer in the Gulf of Mexico, is the latest to start withdrawing workers from the offshore region as the large storm system is forecast to have a 90 per cent chance of transforming into a tropical cyclone within the next two days, according to National Hurricane Centre forecasts.

The London-based oil company operates four of the seven largest oil and gas platforms in the Gulf, which produced a combined 410,000 barrels of oil equivalent a day in 2010.

“We will begin evacuating nonessential personnel from BP-operated facilities in the Gulf, as well as taking other precautions to safeguard our offshore workforce and operations,” BP spokesman Brett Clanton said.

BHP Billiton on Friday shut in production at two of its US Gulf wells, while Anadarko Petroleum Corp., Marathon Oil Corp., Murphy Oil Corp., and Royal Dutch Shell Plc., started evacuating nonessential staff from their production platforms. Oil and gas companies employ thousands of workers on production platforms scattered throughout the Gulf.



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