Is AJ the most devious Diva ever?

On the June 22nd edition of SmackDown, AJ once again affected a match outcome, this time while serving as the special guest timekeeper in the fierce showdown between Kane and Daniel Bryan. (WATCH | PHOTOS) In light of her actions, the WWE Universe is once again left wondering what exactly the out-there Diva is up to. Is it all part of some master plan on her part or simply a reaction to the turbulent events happening all around the passionate beauty?

Her lingering presence in Daniel Bryan’s life, her leering playfully at WWE Champion CM Punk, her latest plays of “Ring Around The Big Red Monster” … Is it all too effective for a delicate Diva like AJ to pull off by accident? Judging by her reactions to how each Superstar handles the constant meddling, the 5-foot-3 “Geek Goddess” certainly appears to be relishing her subversive role.

Amid the chaos that AJ has created in recent weeks, it may be easy for the WWE Universe to miss that she’s presently manipulating the ongoing chase for the WWE Championship by drawing the attention of the current titleholder as well as his two primary challengers. If her aim was to bring her plan as much attention as possible, she could not have chosen a better spotlight to steal than the one featuring the ongoing rivalry between Punk, Bryan and Kane.

So what, if anything, does AJ have up her sleeve anyway? Is she looking to help The Second City Saint preserve his title reign? Is she seeking to make Bryan jealous by becoming the object of his rivals’ affection? Or does she truly have a soft spot in her heart for The Devil’s Favorite Demon?

AJ may be keeping her cards close to the vest, but the means to her unknown goal are what make her recent tactics so impressive. Still, where do her tactics rank in the pantheon of devious Divas that have come before her?


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