Which Diva looked better in CM Punk gear: AJ or Kelly Kelly?

AJ and Kelly Kelly dressed in CM Punk gear

The WWE Universe was buzzing about CM Punk‘s match against Daniel Bryan on Raw SuperShow, but it wasn’t just about the intense action in the ring. Bryan’s ex-girlfriend AJ showed her true colors by wearing a cutoff version of Punk’s official T-shirt and matching armbands as she cheered on The Straight Edge Superstar from ringside. The Geek Goddess drew a wide range of reactions from our fans on Twitter, both for her fetching ensemble and for coming to the WWE Champion’s aid after the match. (VIDEO | PHOTOS: AJ SHOWS OFF HER PUNK OUTFIT)

AJ isn’t the first WWE Diva to don The Straight Edge Savior’s look, however. During the Oct. 31, 2006 edition of ECW on SyFy, Kelly Kelly rocked the Halloween contest with her cutoff Punk T-shirt, taped-up wrists and assortment of lookalike tattoos. Kelly Kelly’s outfit didn’t notch her a victory in the contest, but it sure made Punk take notice of his admirer’s fashionable effort.

So, members of the WWE Universe, which Diva looked better in Punk gear: AJ or Kelly Kelly? Cast your vote in this WWE.com poll and let us know what you think!


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